Walking With Angels Photobook

A beautiful 94 page, full-colour coffee table book, illustrated throughout with photographs woven together by the story. It is a return to the luxury experience of opening a book and immersing yourself.

Walking With Angels, by Melanie Gow, Cover

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A beautiful 94 page, full-colour coffee table book, illustrated throughout with photographs woven together by the story. The book is bound in a high-quality cotton-based hardcover, around reams of silk paper printed with real pigment ink and sewn together. With elegantly coloured end papers and wrapped in a perfect-fitting dust jacket, it is a beautiful return to the luxury experience of opening a book and immersing yourself.

“Through her eyes, we learn to appreciate the sublime in the undistinguished, the divine in the benign.  In short, we learn to see the world differently…

Walking With Angels is more than just a photobook, however. In this gorgeous volume, words are deployed to equal, if not greater, effect than pictures. Her distinctive, fluid prose frames every shot, harmoniously elevating the whole to an altogether different level.” Book Batter Review

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“Wow. Your book is amazing! Well done to you Harry and Ben! I was awoken by the postman dropping it loudly through the door making the dog bark, and so brought it back up to bed. I had intended to flick through it quickly before I got showered. 1hr and 45min later and I’ve turned the last page. Feel like I have laughed, smiled and wiped a tear along with you. What a beautiful, inspirational book! Thank you!” Harriet Burgham
“I thought I would just read the first page, save a proper look for a cup of tea and the sofa this afternoon, however a chapter in and I had to force myself to close the cover as I was already both engrossed and awed by the reality of your undertaking.”
Cheryl Martin
A book is all it takes to spark a dream – and this one has been created with the greatest love and care to stir the embers of yours.

148 very wonderful people backed a crowd-funding campaign 172% to make this possible.


Crowdfunding, Why Should You and I Be Patrons Of The Arts?

At no time in history have we had so much direct and individual influence over what gets published and created. My deepest hope is to inspire someone to create an opportunity like this in their lives.

Bumble Bee bottom up in apple blossom, by Melanie Gow, http://www.myofficetoday.co.uk

Imagine Who We Could Inspire Together

Imagine a world where you choose the music that takes you away from it all, the art that you live with, the films and TV programs that lift the end of the day. The drama you join others in the Theatres to share emotions with, and the books you give your precious hours alone to. Imagine a world where you are the creator of the world you want to live in.

Every time you or I buy a CD or book, rent a movie, turn on the TV or go to the Theatre we are donig exactly that. As a consumer. As final users of products and or services generated within our social system.

Is this the limit of our participation in our innovative potential, our social lives, our humanity?

Art shows us who we are; it is our less than rational side, it is the reflection of our humanity. It is where we live. And artists show us our world in new ways that awaken our interest, they articulate our experiences so that we understand them better, they are the soundtrack to our lives, and the dance.

It is what we use to revive us from the routine, it is the common ground that brings us together with others, it is all our secrets. Unbound by borders, or cultures, or differences, it can travel between us all, we are unified in our creative sides. By expressing our deepest feelings in poetry or watching a film, art never fails to comfort or elevate us. Art moulds our world, and expresses our greatest strengths.

We can be consumers and buy the products that enrich our lives in this way at the end of the production process, or we can be there at the beginning and bring an idea into being. We can participate in shaping the culture we consume.

We can take part in creating a world we want to live in.

Crowdfunding is the collection of finance from backers—the “crowd”—to fund an initiative, in exchange for goods or rewards of an equal value. It’s a little like pre-sales.

At the very least, for the price of a couple of bottles of supermarket wine we can step into the innovative process and make something happen. You and I don’t have to be a Rockefeller or a Branson, or have our name on a building, to be able to fund things that lead to a direct experience or product.

What is in it for us really?

It’s not “stuff” we want, it’s the experience we desire.

At the very least, at the lowest level of reward, we will have a CD, or a book, or a film, or whatever we have helped make happen, in our hands. But it’s not just stuff, it’s the resetting of the mind, the mood, through simple notes strung together, the magic of an imagination unleashed by black letters on a white page, the heart opening up as you see a work of art or film that moves you. It’s the inspiration that we really want.

When you hold a CD it is just a 1.2 millimetres thick, polycarbonate plastic disc, it’s just a storage house. It’s what it holds that we are really interested in, the music, or moving images, or story, it unlocks; the two or three hours of elevated experience it gives us, that is what we are buying.

A book is just paper and ink, but from the cover to The End it is a magic carpet that can transform neurones and lock in new synapses.

At no time in history have we had so much direct and individual influence over what gets published and created.


Like bees gathering nectar we can make honey together. Through us joining together, crowdfunding, never have we had the power to create the world we want to live in like we do now. There is plenty of room for mainstream books, music, films, art, but there is also the chance to be involved, really involved, in making what we like happen.

With crowdfunding we have the power to get projects made, we should absolutely get in here and do it, after all it costs the same for a far greater experience; and it is the experience that feeds our less than rational sides, our human experience.

My own book raised £8,600 in pre-sales and was 172% funded.


My deepest hope is this story inspires others to create an experience like this in their lives. Because, when that happens nothing is ever quite the same again.