Walking With Angels Photobook


The True Story of One Woman’s Inspirational Walk With Her Sons, Aged, 12 and 16, For 33 Exceptional Days over the Pyrenees and Across Spain for 800kms to Santiago de Compostela


A beautiful 94 page, full-colour coffee table book, illustrated throughout with photographs woven together by the story. It is a return to the luxury experience of opening a book and immersing yourself.

ISBN 978-0-9555921-1-9


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Reviews for Walking With Angels


“Through her eyes, we learn to appreciate the sublime in the undistinguished, the divine in the benign. In short, we learn to see the world differently..


The Walking With Angels Photobook is more than just a photobook, however. In this gorgeous volume, words are deployed to equal, if not greater, effect than pictures. Her distinctive, fluid prose frames every shot, harmoniously elevating the whole to an altogether different level.


It is a book that exudes tranquillity, peace, transcendence, and most of all, joy.  It is a book that carries some profound and inspirational messages.”


Book Batter Review

“Wow! Just had an amazing evening reading this totally inspiring true story of a mother and her two sons on The Camino trail. The photos are art full, touching and magical and the writing is so beautifully found; there are so many erudite moments. Read the whole thing straight through and sobbed my way through the last few pages. I highly recommend this book as a beautiful gift for someone special or an utter treat for yourself. Congratulations Melanie Gow and thank you for my beautiful inscription. Feeling free and inspired.” Tara Dominick

“I chose a sunny day and then sat in the sunniest spot and read it from cover to cover – what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

I loved it … ALL of it!

The title was perfect .. all the photos are beautiful .. the closed door followed by the wide open landscape so symbolic .. the lone figure of Harry trudging on on his own into the distance .. the realisation that you might not make it to Santiago .. your blisters .. the size of your backpack .. trees like cathedrals .. the boys wanting to walk the Maseta Central .. a single rose .. the boys thoughtfulness – taxi versus walk .. the fun moments . . the despondent moments .. honesty .. your boys first night out with the men ..  your reaction to it after the sermon about the grace of the relationship between mother and child .. Ben pushing the wheelchair .. tears at last from the handsome man from Barcelona .. your final photo of the three shadows, both boys as tall as you ..

The text so full of wisdom.  All wonderful.” Caroline Heron

“Wow. Your book is amazing! Well done to you Harry and Ben! I was awoken by the postman dropping it loudly through the door making the dog bark, and so brought it back up to bed. I had intended to flick through it quickly before I got showered. 1hr and 45min later and I’ve turned the last page. Feel like I have laughed, smiled and wiped a tear along with you. What a beautiful, inspirational book! Thank you!” Harriet Burgham

“I thought I would just read the first page, save a proper look for a cup of tea and the sofa this afternoon, however a chapter in and I had to force myself to close the cover as I was already both engrossed and awed by the reality of your undertaking.”Cheryl Martin

“Uplifting and full of wisdom” Akwa Marina

“When I read the first lines I cried a bit for all the dreams I have had” Simina Astilean

“You are giving me shivers. Now I’m in tears.” Harini Nallapothola

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