Pick Up Your Pencils For A New Drawing Competition

I felt a poignancy at the ease with which I was able to give up my frugal life on the road, that a pilgrimage for one is an indigent stasis for others.

A Moment in Maidenhead

This is a rough of a flyer for a new one day drawing competition, sketched on the first page of a fresh sketch book handed to me by Marie-Anne Leonard, of Art on the Street CIC, in her office in the back of Bovilles Art shop in Maidenhead this morning.

It’s been one of those marvellous days when you feel like neat Lara Croft was injected into your veins and ancient, hazardous ruins around the area shuddered in anticipation.

Obviously no actual tenets of society were hurt in the course of making this day happen but, we did give rise to a new drawing event.

I have been lucky enough to be invited in by fellow artist, Gail Dorrington, to work on an initiative from the dot-joining brain of Marie, with the help of Becky Young on the day. I can’t say too much about it just yet but it does involve art, becoming part of local history, a can from your cupboards and raising money for Open Kitchen, a charity providing food and help for people in and around Maidenhead who can not afford to feed themselves properly.

Indigent stasis in Santiago

Funnily enough, when we arrived in Santiago at the end of The Camino one of the first things we noticed were the number of people on the street, homeless or just begging. At one point I had to go across town to pick up something and as I dropped down behind the pergola on Avenida de Xoán XXIII I found a different world, a quiet unassuming row of neat spaces, each square of cardboard marking where those who carry all they have on their back everyday have few options.

I had just spent 33 days carrying little more than a change of clothes, what I needed to keep clean and manage my blisters, and my camera. I have slept with no covers, eaten frugally, and lived communally. It was for me an extraordinary experience, a pilgrimage that built me from the ground up and the inside out.

I felt a poignancy at the ease with which I was able to give up my frugal life on the road, but a pilgrimage for one is an indigent stasis for others.

In that small moment of reflection I did wonder what way I would acknowledge this going forward, so I am really pleased to be involved in some small way with this “soon to be properly announced” event ..

SAVE THE DATE: 19th October 2013

Pick up your pencils and get ready to create Artwork with an afterlife, to go in a time capsule of drawings – this is a one day competition drawing event for everyone, regardless of ability .. more details to follow

A Moment in Maidenhead, a one day drawing competition, from Art on the Street, supported by Bovilles, raising money for Open Kitchen


Supporting The Campaign for Drawing, keep an eye out for a downloadable entry form and details on the Art on the Street website

find out more about Open Kitchen

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