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Combine the healing practice of mindfulness with photography to find yourself in the moment.
Be prepared to experience transformation, awakening, and joy in an inspiring exploration of higher consciousness in day-to-day life.

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Find yourself in the moment with Mindful Photography.

Mindful Photography combines the healing practice of mindfulness with photography to experience transformation, awakening, and joy, in an inspiring exploration of higher consciousness in day-to-day life.

To live fully, live lovingly in this world, to walk this pathless adventure called life with understanding, we must learn to read the inner essence of a landscape. To find any sense of perfection we must learn to master our own inner landscape.

One Glorious Day, by Melanie Gow


Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the emotions thoughts, and sensations occurring in the present moment.

The Earth Whispers, Listen Carefully - taken by Melanie Gow, on her exceptional 33 day walk with her two sons over the Pyrenees and across Spain for 800km to Santiago de Compostela


Photography is the art of noticing a moment, at its essence it is a personal conversation with the world around you.

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Mindful Photography is a gentle, creative and powerful tool that helps you understand the meaning for you in what you notice, and practice the art of bringing awareness to the subconscious.

“Highly recommended – in fact, it should come with a warning; it is very likely to be inspiring and life-changing
Angela Johnson

In asking what it is you are seeing, and why, explore the reasons you take a photograph of one unique moment over others and learn more about how you think and feel.

Mindful Photography will help you to be more observant, contribute to finding your “voice”, and improve the quality of your relationship with yourself, and your interaction with the world around you.

Tiara crowned dandelion
According to the philosophers of Ancient Greece to strive to ‘know yourself’ was the highest purpose, for the Buddhists knowing yourself is true wisdom, mastering yourself is true power. Most spiritual practices and social sciences speak of the importance of self-knowledge.

While we all have some ideas about who we are, the knowledge we have is often patchy and unconnected, and we have few opportunities to be guided in reflecting on our interaction with our world.

Mindful Photography is a gentle practice that creates a feedback loop with your sub-conscious.

Mindful Photography puts self-awareness into your hands.

Enjoy a one-to-one Mindful Photography session
from as little as £45 for two hours
half-mornings available

Take a Mindful Photography walk
for £20
group discounts available

Mindful Photography Workshops
half days from as little as £25 per person, minimum 5 people


“Out of yourself such a journey will lead you to your self. It leads to transformation of dust into pure gold!” Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī

Imagine what could happen if you backed yourself and walked the talk. I'm in the business of inspiring people to walk the talk. My coaching is not for the faint of heart, it's for those who want to wake up and unleash a dream. Imagine what could happen if you backed yourself and Walked the Talk, Leap of Faith by Melanie Gow

In its nature, and by intention, Mindful Photography is known as a heuristic approach to self-awareness and self-discovery; it employs methods not expected to be optimal or perfect, but right for the immediate goals. It can help with anxiety, stress, anger, fear, hurt, guilt, depression, self-esteem, and grief, and surprising breakthroughs are not unusual.

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