A Camera, a Jug, a Hydrangea, Paint Brushes and a Cotton Reel

We had to produce three still life logos representing art, craft and antiques, they had to be generic and not be one specific person’s art or craft, and be an antique that could bridge all eras.

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I spent a delightful morning taking very specific pictures for my friend Jackie Couzens. We have talked at length about what images, presented in which way to meet very practical requirements could be the best representation for the Windsor Emporium going forward into it’s third year.

They also had to be generic and not be one specific person’s art or craft, and be an antique that could bridge all eras.

They had to embody the three areas covered by the Emporium: art, hand-made crafts and antiques, they had to fit in a square shape, they had to float in a neutral space and they had to carry the three colours used in her emblem.

And they had to be elegant, simple and balance well with her drawn emblem

We had to produce three still life logos essentially.

We did a couple of test shots found what we liked and didn’t like, and I was tough enough to tell Jackie she had to put my artistic sensibilities to the side and stay objective.

Which meant we threw out two of the three and decided to reshoot the third .. which means all of them, yes.

After a rummage through every item in our houses and few other helpful artist friends we had honed our thoughts from the first shoot, and we got them done so the designer could pop them in and get them into the Windsor Brochure – right up against a deadline to publication,

I am so proud to be a part of Jackie’s incredible enterprise, the Windsor Emporium provides a monthly space for artists, artisans and antique resellers that they would not normally have any other way.

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