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Melanie Gow, writer and photographic artist, portrait by Daria Marczak, wedding and food photographer at Plenty to Declare Photography. Daria takes a photograph with a rare sensitivity that makes her subjects look illuminated from inside by their essence.

The Talks

Entertaining and articulate, Melanie talks about life and how to live it to festivals, retreats, groups, leaders, dreamers, learners and parents; inspirational and passionate, she encourages us to dare to unwrap and be present – because when that happens, nothing is ever quite the same again.

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Mindful Photography Logo

Mindful Photography Sessions

Combine the healing practice of mindfulness with photography to find yourself in the moment. Be prepared to experience transformation, awakening, and joy in an inspiring exploration of higher consciousness in day-to-day life.

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Ben and Harry Gow running on the shore of Lake Michigan, aged 10 and 7, by Melanie Gow

Parent Daringly And Travel With Your Kids

Let’s raise resourceful, centred, fully-engaged and wise children. Because resourceful, centred, fully-engaged and wise children become resourceful, centred, fully-engaged and wise adults and the world needs more of those.

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Let's Create Bubbles of Space to Listen In, by Melanie Gow

Transformational Listening; Turning Base Interaction Into Precious Golden Insight

Transformational listening is far from being a passive reception of what’s being said, waiting for a turn to speak; it is an active, engaged, and present state. It turns base interaction into precious golden insight into ourselves.

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expansion By Paige Bradley

Travel is the Kintsugi Art of Life, It’s How The Gold Gets In

Travel does more than heal the wounds, it expands you, it’s kintsugi – it’s how the gold gets in.

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peace keepers, 1991, Jerusalem, Israel, Melanie Gow, (9)

The War In Our Mind Is To Wake Up To Our Liberty

It is crucial to live stories worth telling, stop hitting that snooze button, be fully responsible for our decisions, find connections between each other, make our time here count; know that each glorious day is something to be lived.

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Bumble Bee bottom up in apple blossom, by Melanie Gow,

Crowdfunding, Why Should You and I Be Patrons Of The Arts?

At no time in history have we had so much direct and individual influence over what gets published and created. My deepest hope is to inspire someone to create an opportunity like this in their lives.

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USA Road Trip, Cruise America RV to the Grand Canyon, Supresticious Mountain, Mesa in the background

Two Kids, an RV and the Grand Canyon

I was driving something the width of our home back in England, in six-lane traffic, on the “wrong” side of the ring-road round Phoenix, Arizona, at “floor to capacity” speed, and I was terrified.

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Akbar Waseem, donated 500 arabic books to Words of Hope, the refugee book drive for Calais, by Melanie Gow

Our Fear Will Not Protect Us – Make Connections

We are not in search of a solution we are in search of a conscience; if we are able to find a conscience we will find a solution.

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Moria Camp, Lesvos, January 2016, Benjamin Gow 2

No One Is Illegal – a Night in Moria

It’s not about who they are, where they are on the sliding scale of human desperation and legitimacy, but who this makes us. Who we are is defined by this.

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Life and Death, Rescue of Refugees, 6 January 2016, Lesvos, by Ben Gow

Life and Death Play Out on the Same Stage

Life and death play out on the same stage today. It’s raining, it’s cold and there have been terrible storms at sea. Tragically 34 were lost leaving Turkey today, including children who will never have a chance to grow up. Yet we rescue more than 250…

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I'm in the business of inspiring people to walk the talk. My coaching is not for the faint of heart, it's for those who want to wake up and unleash a dream. Imagine what could happen if you backed yourself and Walked the Talk, Leap of Faith by Melanie Gow


I am in the business of inspiring people to walk the talk. My coaching is not for the faint of heart, it is for those who want to wake up and unwrap themselves.

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